Steve and Jens of the Stowe's ski patrol were quite sweaty when the ride of shame arrived at the bottom of the mountain. Thanks Guys.


Can you spot the problemS?  - ACL, It is torn; Medial Meniscus, It is torn; MCL, edema present; Extensive Tibia Bone Marrow contusion and

nondisplaced transverse fracture; Moderate fluid in knee; Cartilage, It looks good. (ending with a positive note)


Surgery was April 25th, 2013...

May 2nd update: ACL was replaced and meniscus trimmed. I stopped prescription pain meds after 2 and a half days. Heavy use of crutches for first 3 days. Still taking stairs slowly but no crutches after a week. The knee has limited range of motion and is achy. The expectation is that 60 days post surgery, the donor ACL ligament will be fully fused to bone at each end and a full range of rehab exercises can be employed to regain full strength and mobility of my left leg.

May 24th update: 30 days post surgery and I am walking well and climbing/descending stairs. The knee is still achy. I have full range of front to back motion. However, the pain is too great to put the left ankle on the right knee and use muscle strength to lift my heel to my butt. Using the leg lift machine where you lie on your stomach using your heal to pull weight to your butt is very painful and the range of motion is short by 15 degrees. The atrophy in my thigh is very prominent, but strength is slowly returning. PT work continues....

July 29th update: 90 day post surgery and I have been bike commuting to work 5 days a week for the entire month of July (12 miles to Government Center in Boston). I have had full range of motion since the beginning of June and only have minor discomfort when I push it with jumping jacks (jumping straight up and down feels 98%). The best I can describe the feeling is meniscal squishing on both the sides of the knee. I need to schedule some time to get my brace fitted in the next two weeks. It is progress but not at 100% yet.